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During our current time of change and uncertainty, our stress and anxiety levels can go through the roof. Working from home has made it more difficult to maintain a work-life balance. It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to maintain our physical, mental and emotional health so we can take care of ourselves, our family and remain productive in our professional life. This talk will address the following items:

  • Self-care isn't selfish

  • Creating boundaries between work and personal life

  • Getting unplugged sleep

  • Developing positive social connections at work

  • Maintaining a healthy diet

  • Taking Time for Yourself

  • Regular exercise 

  • Maintaining a hobby

Participants will also learn the science behind mindfulness and will be guided (virtually or in-person) through a variety of mindfulness practices for reducing stress, improving productivity and emotional intelligence. Some of practices are as follows:

  • Breathing - for stress reduction

  • Focusing - for improving one's ability to concentrate and focus

  • Gratitude - to shift to a more positive mindset

  • Appreciation - develop appreciation for the contributions of our colleagues

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