front cover closing the apps - for ebook

Humanity has ignored the most powerful tool in its possession. An instrument more powerful than anything we are capable of inventing. An instrument that has the power to create war between families and nations or bring about complete peace and harmony. This device is our mind. Our mind has greater depth than the ocean and it is capable of storing more apps than any smart device. 


Closing the Apps provides numerous practical suggestions on how to implement simple, everyday, secular mindfulness practices for any situation, whether it’s interacting with our colleagues in a fast-paced, high stress environment or whether we are struggling to find that all elusive work-life balance. Its down-to-earth and relevant messages are a refreshing and inspiring read for you, your family, your friend, and your colleagues.


People used to ask me why I became a monk. Now people are asking me why I left the monastery. After trying to answer that question for over a decade, I finally decided to write a book about it. The reason for the title Urban Monk is quite simple: I spent my time as a monk on the East Village of New York City surrounded by bars, nightclubs, restaurants, a laundromat, a funeral parlor and a tattoo shop - all within the same block as the monastery.

In case you're thinking of becoming a monk or not, this book describes my journey which very much resembles a roller coaster ride right out of Six Flags with plenty of loops and drops. These unpredictable life challenges gave me the resolve to spend 15 years as a monk dedicated to serving others while discovering my purpose.