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creating a workforce where...

 Leaders and managers are leading to inspire, support and encourage


Ego battles aren’t stifling the progress of the organization


Colleagues are celebrating each other‘s success and freely collaborating


Employees are developing positive social connections at work, leading to greater engagement, retention and productivity


helps organizations create a mindful workplace culture by...

• Demonstrating the value of employees appreciating each others contributions


• Teaching methods to communicate with empathy


• Inspiring leaders to lead without ego


• Helping individuals manage their emotions and not give in to reactivity


Pandit had the privilege to share his message at multiple SHRM Conferences, Oracle, The World Government Summit held in Dubai, TD Ameritrade and others, where powerful leaders and influencers such us Barack and Michele Obama, Viola Davis, Michael J.Fox, Rob Lowe and Simon Sinek were also invited to present.

His keynotes are perfect for conferences, company retreats, off-sites and

are great for corporate events and all types of social gatherings.

Pandit strongly believes that it's his genuine and irrevocable passion for inspiring other people to lead better quality lives is what has led him to his success as a speaker.

Pandit has helped many people from big and small companies to implement mindfulness techniques, release their stress and achieve the work-life balance that we all strive so hard for in our day-to-day lives. Some of the folks that have already benefitted from Pandit's Workshops work at Google, Intel, Bank of America, Harvard University, American Eagle and others. 

His workshops create just the right environment to learn and implement unique practices right during the sessions. They are 

ideal for groups of all sizes - small or big.


We didn’t want it to be over!


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