creating a mindful and positive
workplace culture
creating a mindful and positive
workplace culture

Format​60-90 minute keynote with breakout group work


This program is perfect for:

  • ​General workforce and all levels of management

  • Those aspiring for leadership roles

  • Can be tailored to meet the needs of the audience

The growth and overall success of an organization is defined by its culture and leadership. A positive workplace culture enhances teamwork, collaboration and morale. As a result it boosts employee engagement, efficiency and retention. 


This presentation will address the importance of creating an environment where ego battles aren’t driving the company down and where individuals are willing to put aside their own self-interest for the sake of the greater good. It encourages an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate the contributions of their co-workers instead of feeling threatened by them. The research on mindfulness and its application for the workplace will also be presented.


As a result of this keynote, the audience will be able to:


  1. Communicate with awareness, clarity and compassion

  2. Manage their emotions to handle conflicts 

  3. Develop a positive mindset towards individuals they don’t see eye-to-eye with

  4. Express appreciation towards the work of their colleagues

  5. Utilize mindfulness breathing and focusing techniques to lower stress and improve productivity