what people say

Pandit is someone who lives what he teaches and that really comes through in his genuine style and approach. I would highly recommend him as a speaker and advisor to other non-profits and companies. UNICEF

He was amazing!  I think it would be a great benefit to have him back more often.  The session really lowered my stress level. Thank you for bringing him in. Novartis

Pandit addressed some of the science first... He did an excellent job sharing information and techniques to reduce stress and become happier and more productive both personally and professionally. Citibank

Pandit was very personable and charismatic...he kept his energy high, bringing the audience with him. Google

I have been to other stress management presentations...but this was arguably the best. Pandit is a very dynamic speaker. His presentation was very eye-opening and engaging. I felt relaxed and recharged... JPMorgan Chase

Recently we were offered the opportunity to have Pandit come to our Cadillac HQ in Soho and lead our group through a 30 minute (invaluable introduction) to mediation. At the end of the session the group was in agreement; Pandit guided us through a relaxing and ultimately restorative meditation. In fact, we didn’t want it to be over!  
Thank you again Pandit - hope to have you back again soon!

Pandit was an engaging and interesting speaker with an extremely timely and relevant topic for today’s workplace. We particularly enjoyed the exercise he did, he had everyone in a large room practicing mindfulness! Comcast

I had a chance to invite Pandit Dasa to our IBM offices in Austin to speak to our development support team on the topic of stress management and work-life balance. He taught our team how to develop positive relationships, manage our emotions and appreciate the work of our colleagues. One member said the session was “refreshing” and another wanted to know when he could return. We loved having him here and hope to work with him again. - IBM

Pandit is a very engaging speaker and has provided three sessions on mindfulness to DTCC for the Total Rewards team, our global managing director population, and our U.S. employees. In addition to providing a guided mindfulness meditation, Pandit spoke about his unique background, how mindfulness ties in with one’s overall wellbeing, and the benefits mindfulness can bring to one’s everyday life, including experiences in the workplace. Our employees have provided positive feedback on these sessions, and we are excited to keep working with Pandit as we continue to prioritize our employees’ wellbeing through our benefits offerings. DTCC

Pandit joined our group of ~100 US and Canadian financial services marketers for our annual off-site. We were looking for a speaker to cover a non-business, personal well-being topic. Pandit delivered for us. He walked us through all the research that supports why mindfulness is important and it's impact on our health. He closed the session with a guided meditation. The reviews from our team were very positive. Pandit was not the typical speaker we hear at one of these meetings, but he was a welcomed change of pace. I'd happily recommend him to any organization looking for an expert on mindfulness.Bank of Montreal

I first met Pandit when he came to speak at the Royal Bank of Canada offices in Manhattan. He immediately captured everyone's attention by sharing how he lived as monk for 15 years in New York and now post-monk life, he speaks to corporations on the science and practices of mindfulness. His talk was personable, humorous and research based. His content on how mindfulness and meditation could lower stress and boost productivity was extremely relevant and practical for me and my colleagues who work on the trading floor.
We loved his talk so much that we've had him back for an additional two sessions. During his most recent visit, Pandit's content was geared towards our leaders and Managing Directors. His messages on leading by example, appreciating your co-workers, managing emotions, communicating with compassion and leading with humility really resonated with our leadership.
We have benefited tremendously by these presentations and look forward to an on-going partnership with Pandit. 
Royal Bank of Canada

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend with great enthusiasm Pandit Dasa for speaking engagements related to mindful leadership. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Pandit during the Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management Conference 2017. As a keynote speaker at the event, he provided insightful, expert leadership content which was extremely well received.
Pandit has lived as the “Urban Monk” (thus the title of his book). I am impressed by his genuine desire to change lives in a positive manner. His delivery is strong and heartfelt, and it is apparent that he lives what he teaches. His positive personal brand will influence his audience. - SHRM, Arkansas

Pandit Dasa was a refreshing change in pace at The World Bank Group's HR conference. He addressed the HR community and gave a practical talk on "Becoming the Change You Wish to See" where he encouraged the audience to reflect on their motivations for leading, to communicate with compassion and appreciate and celebrate each others' success. The consensus was that Pandit's message could benefit the other divisions within The World Bank Group. We were thrilled to partner with him for a second time and look forward to introducing him and his message to the broader World Bank community in the future. - World Bank