The World Bank Group Connected with Mindful Leadership

On Wednesday, May 2, as part of The World Bank’s HR conference in DC, Pandit Dasa was invited to speak on Gandhi’s quote “On Becoming the Change You Wish to See.” He addressed the audience of approximately 125 HR professionals and encouraged them to implement the principles of Mindful Leadership by asking themselves if they are in a leadership position to serve or to be served. He also quoted Southwest Airlines order of priorities which is that they place their employees at the top of the list, then the customers and finally the shareholders. If employees are happy and taken care of, then the company will flourish and everyone will be happy with the outcome. He concluded the session by sharing the research on mindfulness meditation and engaged the entire group in a 10-minute meditation session having them release stress and anxiety through deep breathing exercises and feeling grateful for some of the positive things happening in their lives.

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