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Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety During the Workday

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Deep Breathing

Let's begin by making sure our eyes are closed and then take a slow, deep breath, filling our lungs completely, visualizing their expansion and feeling the chest broaden. Once the lungs are filled, slowly exhale, completely emptying out the lungs. Take another five to ten breaths in the same way and try your best to stay focused on the breath going in and out of your lungs. This is not only helping us stay in the present moment, but it's allowing the lungs to take in slightly more breath each time. Moreover, the mind has something specific to focus on and some place to come to when it gets distracted or begins daydreaming during the session.

Breathing Through the Nose

Next, try and breathe just through the nasal passages, keeping the mouth closed. Ifthis is too challenging, perhaps because your nose is clogged, then feel free to use the mouth. I don 't want anyone to feel suffocated because they're not able to breathe properly. If

Techniques for Reducing Stress and Anxiety During the Workday

you're able to only breathe through the nose, feel the cool breath going in and filling your lungs completely then breathe out the breath that has been warmed up by your body. As you're inhaling and exhaling, feel the cool breath entering the body and the warmer breath leaving the body. Continue for another five to ten breaths.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

We want not only our lungs to get involved in the breathing process, but also our belly. During inhalation, we should feel the belly rising and relaxing during the exhalation. This is

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