Mindfulness for Work-Life Integration at the SHRM National Conference

Pandit Dasa recently spoke at the SHRM National Conference to an audience of 500 HR professionals on how to create a work-life integration. The idea of work-life balance creates a certain competition between our work and personal life. However, due to our increasing use of technology, the bridge between the two has become smaller. We’re more connected to our work more of the time. We’re checking email while commuting and even while on vacation. Here are four things that can be done to create a synergy between the two activities.

1. Positive relationship

Relationships are like a tree, they take a long time to build but can be chopped down due to one misunderstanding. We need to be proactive to maintain positive relationships at work and in our personal lives and take a humble approach when trying to resolve conflicts.

2. Sufficient sleep

Do we sleep next to our smart devices ready to check for messages in the middle of the night? Sleep deprivation can increase our chances of dementia, heart disease, stroke and other health problems. A lack of sleep is nothing to brag about. It leads to a lack of focus and clarity in making decisions. Let’s learn to disconnect from our devices before going to sleep.

3. Healthy eating

When we get stressed, it’s natural to want to eat unhealthy, sugary foods. Too much of this can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Since food is basically fuel for the body, these types of can slow us down and impact our long term health.

4. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness can help us manage and balance our emotions. When things are spiraling out of control in our life, a little meditation can help us regain our composure and clarity. As the demands in our life increase and we are juggling multiple responsibilities, mindfulness to help us to get in touch with moods and emotions and remember the bigger picture.

Implementing these four items can help integrate our work and professional life and provide tools to improve the quality of both.

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