Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Stress Reduction at IBM

Right before doing a half a dozen workshops at the WorkHuman conference in Austin, Pandit Dasa spoke on the topic of Mindfulness for Managing Stress at IBM. While it's true, according to the American Institute of Stress, that 46% of our stress comes from our workplace, however a lot of our stress can be managed by the way we perceive situations and people in our life. If we're quick to jump to conclusions about other people's actions, that perception can cause stress because it may not even be true.

This point was emphasized during the talk, that in order for us to practice mindfulness, it's better to not jump to conclusions and better to give the benefit of the doubt to our colleagues and people in our personal lives. And if negative thoughts pop up in our head about others, then we can counter those thoughts by thinking of their positive qualities and contributions they're making to the workplace. Too often we only think about the wonderful work we're doing and are not able to take the time to reflect on what others are doing. Taking time out to appreciate others is a key component of mindful leadership and practice.

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