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finding the right motivational speaker for your leadership team

True leadership is a rare and powerful skill. For those who understand this fact intuitively, it is easy to see the value in assembling a team built with individuals holding leadership roles in various industries.


Though smart, this endeavor is a brave journey requiring commitment, buy-in and courage from all involved.


Therefore, whether you are initiating such a group or trying to maintain it, bringing in a motivational speaker to solidify the vision can be the move that matters.


Where to Start


If you are ready to book a speaker, you will find that the available market is overwhelming. To discover the right fit for your circumstances, it is wise to define the purpose and desired outcome of the retreat, conference or meeting.


When the focus is directed towards leadership as well as building a team, you will want speakers who specialize in the following themes:


  • Collaboration: Much more difficult than compromise, collaboration is a team effort of setting aside ego to seek outcomes that benefit everyone.

  • Mindfulness: Positions of power can alter the course of our best intentions, which is why mindfulness is a tremendous tool for keeping us on track.

  • Trust: Such a simple yet challenging quality, trust amongst leaders is priceless. Building trust between individuals may take some time, but it requires expertise to facilitate it.

  • Communication: There is no relationship that cannot benefit from communication that is clear and transparent. Giving space to exercise this skill is never a wasteful use of energy.

  • Cohesiveness: Related to all leadership team building efforts, developing a cohesive spirit and purpose is a crucial step towards success.

  • Resolution: It only takes two people to begin a conflict. Therefore, when you are dealing with a group of people, disagreements can arise quite easily. The goal is to resolve them.


Keeping these subjects in focus is a reliable means from which to organize the speech and the platform.


Working Together


When you find a speaker that meets your criteria, your function will be more successful if you establish a relationship of trust and respect.


Though the individual may be an experienced professional, they rely upon you for valuable information and insight into the team they will be addressing.


As you sit together and discuss the details of the speaking engagement, be sure to touch on the following aspects:


  • Expectations: It may be clear who is the speaker and who is the planner, but there are other responsibilities associated with each role. Discuss what expectations you have for the speaker and be clear about your role as a supporter and decision maker.

  • Dynamics: For team building retreats, be honest about the dynamics of the leaders who will be attending. Some events are put together because mounting distrust is becoming an issue within the leadership team. Letting your speaker be aware of this ahead of time is crucial.

  • Itinerary: Other than the motivational speech, you may want breakout sessions for exercises in conflict resolution, active listening and trust building. Not only does the speaker need to know their job description, they will need to prepare material for these activities.

  • Requirements: Depending on the venue and size of the group, assess what equipment will be needed for the speaking event and additional sessions. The speaker may be talented, but if no one can hear them due to a faulty sound system, they will not be very motivating.

  • Creativity: Look to the speaker as a resource of knowledge and creativity when it comes to arranging the content and material. They have the experience and background in speaking to different people in all sorts of situations, so let them play to their strengths and talents.  


By covering these important aspects of the event, you and the speaker can move forward as a confident and resilient team.


Rewarding Results


There are many variables to ensuring an event is successful. A lot of these factors can be controlled, but some cannot.


For instance, if the attendees are having difficulties and not getting along, you and the speaker will need to come up with some solid management ideas.


Starting the conference off with activities that increase mindfulness could help calm everyone down and initiate a relaxed state. Also, getting the crowd to laugh and share an authentic experience can shift the energies in a positive direction.


Regardless of the approach, the leadership team cannot be controlled, but they can certainly be influenced and guided towards rewarding outcomes and results.


Measuring Success


By following a reliable set of guidelines when planning an event, you greatly reduce the need for guesswork, assumptions and uncertainty. Following the suggestions above will help you choose the best speaker for the crowd and the right topics and content to achieve success.


This preparation is key to providing the motivational speaker all the tools necessary to help the leadership team grow, expand and mature as a solid team.

Pandit Dasa is a mindful leadership expert, motivational keynote speaker and author who has spoken at Fortune 500 companies and helps organizations improve employee engagement, retention and workplace happiness. He helps individuals develop positive leadership qualities, lower stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity and boost emotional intelligence.

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