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communicating with 
communicating with 

This program is perfect for:

  • General workforce

  • Those working with teams

  • Leaders and Managers

How does it feel when you receive an email or text message that wasn’t very thoughtful or compassionate? Communicating with compassion can build trust and positive relationships while rushed or reactive communication can have a completely opposite impact. While working in teams, it is natural for disagreements and conflicts to arise and these are the times when it’s crucial to be able to manage our emotions so we don’t act out of anger and frustration. This workshop will discuss the four keys to thoughtful and productive communication. It will help us to understand the value of learning to listen with an open mind and demonstrate how mindfulness practices can build our emotional intelligence which will help us sympathize with another’s perspective. 

The audience will:

  • Learn the importance to being thoughtful about their communication

  • Gain tips on what to consider before hitting the "send" button

  • How to communicate more mindfully

  • Being able to put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of your message

  • How negative communication can damage workplace relationships


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