February 8, 2016

Dubai – MENA Herald: Stress. That common feeling we experience every day, perhaps every hour at our workplace and at home. It is the nature of the mind that gives rise to most of the stress, anxiety and fear, according to Pandit Dasa, US-based speaker and meditation teacher. Dasa presented a morning session prior to official opening of the summit with his talk on Crash Course on Life: Surviving Stress, on the first day of the World Government Summit in Dubai... 


Who has time for mindfulness when deadlines are looming and our managers are breathing down our necks? Mindfulness might be good for monks living in the forest or folks who have retired from corporate life but unrealistic for busy, working individuals. Learning to pause, focusing on your thoughts and getting in touch with your emotions seems to be something you do at your local yoga studio and not relevant during the middle of the day, in a highly competitive job. But, this is exactly when meditation and mindfulness are most useful.

A recent video by Scientific American suggests "meditation can... 



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