April 4, 2018

The WorkHuman conference,  a.k.a. the Woodstock of HR conferences brought together celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd and prominent leadership speakers such as Simon Sinek, Shawn Achor, Adam Grant and Pandit Dasa. 

This is the fourth year the conference has been active and Pandit Dasa's fourth year of giving speeches on mindful leadership and leading mindfulness meditation workshops for the thousands of HR participants. 

Two of the five meditation workshops that Pandit Dasa lead received over 120 people in each of them which was much more than ever before and many were turned back because there was no space to even sit on the carpet. People said they felt more relaxed after the session, were able to let go of negative thoughts, to make peace with difficult people in their lives and overall felt recharged after the session.

Each year that goes by, an increasing number of corporate...

April 23, 2017

Many people today operate within a leadership capacity, not just the C-Suite. Everything a person does influences others. Those who are specifically in leadership roles need to understand if and when their actions are the result of their ego and personal needs. 


March 3, 2017

Pandit Dasa speaks on the Power of Mindful Leadership at the annual LEAD2017 conference.

This presentation was inspired by Gandhi's quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." This presentation will encourage the audience to reflect on how they can become better leaders in whatever leadership role they are in, whether personal or professional.


January 31, 2017

Pandit Dasa, Mindful Leadership Expert, interviewed by Pix11 New York news about Mindfulness Meditation.


It would be refreshing to see some mindful leadership on the part of our presidential candidates. The campaign seems to be anything but mindful. It seems as if the political candidates are willing to say or do almost anything to get into office. The things that are going on are absolutely disgusting and shameful.

As per Pandit Dasa, Mindfulness Expert, all leaders, political or otherwise, should try their best to “lead by example.” There should be an awareness that not only the people of the nation, but the entire world is listening to their messages and watching their behavior. 


October 17, 2016

Pandit Dasa, Mindful Leadership expert, encourages us to become aware of our mind and its tendency to drift all over the place, the better we can learn to focus it. Mindfulness Meditation practices can help build the muscle of the mind making us more aware of not only our environment, but also of ourselves.


September 22, 2016

Pandit Dasa, a world-recognized expert on well-being and meditation and a former "urban monk," will lead a workshop Oct. 4 as this year's Lovell Leadership event presented by APSAC and open to staff, students and faculty.

The workshop, titled "Principles of Mindful Leadership," emphasizes a mental outlook that accepts and accounts for emotions such that they can be controlled appropriately and not intrude on relationships and tasks in unhelpful ways. The event will be at 10 a.m. until near noon in Stewart Center's Fowler Hall, running 90 minutes plus 25 minutes for questions...


The foundation of any team has to be based on trust - trust that every member is concerned about the welfare about the entire team and project and that no one is withholding information or has selfish motives in mind. If the team dynamics are not monitored, trust can easily deteriorate and cause disharmony and dysfunction within the group. It doesn’t take a lot for a relationship to go south. Here are a few items to pay close attention to, to preserve and grow trust within your working unit.


Our gut response might be "humility and leadership can't possibly go hand-in-hand. They blend as well as oil and water." Generally, when we hear the term "humility," we imagine an individual who lacks confidence, is weak and unsure of themselves and in general is a pushover. It's true that if a leader demonstrates any of the aforementioned traits, everyone will walk all over them. Humility is a term that is generally referenced by preachers in the pulpit, encouraging their congregations to "turn the other cheek." 
When we hear the term "leader," we imagine someone strong... 


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